Springfield: The City of Homes

While known around the world as the birthplace of Basketball and Dr. Seuss, Springfield is also renowned for being the “City of Homes” for its great neighborhoods and impressive architecture which thrives with the help of the Springfield Preservation Trust.

Springfield is also known as the “City of Firsts” as history proves with the construction of America’s first armory and military arsenal, and the first American made automobile.  Innovation thrived in the city with the manufacturing of Indian Motorcycles, Barney ice skates, Webster's Dictionary, and many other industrial manufactured items.

In 1884, Orick H. Greenleaf offered 65 acres for the creation of Forest Park. On June 3,  1890, an additional 178 acres was donated by wealthy philanthropist Everett Hosmer Barney. Both gentlemen encouraged donation of additional land by wealthy friends and neighbors which now makes up the 735 acre park with zoo, walking paths, tennis courts and ponds.